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Digital exhibition

A way to make your art accessible to all, everywhere, anytime. During this Corona Crisis time, we cannot bring your customers physically to your galleries. However, we can show you how to open digitally your galleries to your coming customers, through self-created live-streaming art exhibition. Thus, your customers can always have access to your art catalog, any time they want to consult it and stay up-to-date with your latest news (art release, new exhibitions, new collections …).

Artist in Cologne / Köln

Be visible, be smart. Be yourself! Share your work all around the world.

An online gallery or a real-time stream through free or paid services will make your ART accessible to your clients. Use the new technologies to be available from every-where. We want to teach you, how you can do it too.

Be Online! Be professional! Create your own Website for a lesser cost.

There are some different free Open-Source Systems that can help you grow-up your business website very easily and fast. The most of the galleries use WordPress.
It is a good choice and we can show you how to develop, manage and update your own WordPress website autonomously.

Get your ART- Profile free for a lifetime

Being referenced in our ART-directory will bring you more visibility, more organic traffic to attract a wider audience for your works, news and publications but without having the cost of your own professional website. Do not let your own presentation of your work collect dust, it must be updated regularly to stay interesting. Use our advice and tips to create a higher quality content that can be shared more easily with the public. Access to our ART-directory is given to you for FREE. Use it ! As optional service, I provide my expertise in the new technologies and online marketing.

About my projects

I am a Web-developer and a father. I have two loves in my life : my son since the day he was born and the ART you can see every where, every day. I cannot see my son since two years because of the corruption and the racism from some people in the German Government in Berlin. I created this website before, but because of some political reasons it was shut down. Now my team and I are back, we want to show you what can be done for the promotion of ART. We want that you save money and get the best results possible in the digital age. We want that you adapt and improve your way of communication during and AFTER the the corona pandemie. All revenue generated from this project (donations) will only be used to rescue my son and other children in similar situations.